Play Monkey Go Happy 2 Game

Monkey Go Happy 2

Each level of this game focuses on a different challenge, and in each challenge you'll have to use your mouse creativity and common sense to make the monkeys at the bottom of the screen dance with joy! As you move your mouse around the playing screen make sure you keep an eye out for the hand that will appear when an object is clickable. If an object is clickable, then it most likely needs to be sued to complete the level. As you progress through the levels you'll notice that the challenges become less obvious, and you'll have to use each object wisely to make the monkeys happy. Some of the levels will let you select objects and then place them back into their own bubbles after you have finished using them. It is important to exhaust every possibility before giving up. Sometimes the answer is right under your nose. Some of the levels within Monkey Go Happy 2 are games within a game, in which you have to beat to make the monkeys happy. It is important to note the amount of clicks it takes you to complete each tasks. You can view the amount of clicks you have used at the top of the screen. The more clicks you use the lower your score will be in the end! The ultimate goal of the game is to make the monkeys happy with the least amount of clicks possible.